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Natural Dry Carpet Cleaning

We do a a "hand crafted" style cleaning and have for over 15 years. It's all about details and being careful in your home. We have a perfect record with BBB. in the Metro area so you can trust Natural Dry in your home. We use a safe eco friendly, biodegradable carpet cleaning solution. Water based, Low Pressure (so we don't soak your carpet) high temperature steam clean. No perfume what so ever so you only experience "freshness" of clean carpet. We concentrate on spot cleaning, traffic lane removal and edges. What you care about, we care about. Green Powered Electric machine does not put out pollution while running in your driveway or street. And we do not dump dirty water on the street (illegal). Drying time is usually within a few hours. Give us the opportunity to show you the difference when it comes to caring about a job well done. We reccomend cleaning at least once a year in regularly used areas of the home.

Upholstery cleaning is done with the same machine as carpets are done except we use a small "hand" tool made for furniture. We also use a much lower pressure. There is usually still a high temperature used. More than ninety percent of all furniture can be cleaned with water. Andy used to clean all the antique furniture at the Hotel Boulderado so there is a wealth of experience there. All non toxic, same biodegradable cleaner and drying time is usually within a few hours.

Andy has been hand cleaning handmade and ALL rugs for over 20 years. Handmade rugs can be dipped in a water based shampoo solution OR we can clean them in your home with our Citrus biodegradable water based cleaner. It's less expensive and much more convenient to keep the rug in your home! Call for a quick estimate.

Leather cleaning is done by hand. Like a sponge bath literally a conditioning cleaner and a "secret" grease cutter is sponged onto the piece and "scrubbed" off with clean towels until soils are removed. Then the entire piece is coated with conditioner. In our dry climate this should be done at least once a year. Call for an estimate!

Tile Floors
Tile floors can be cleaned and scrubbed by hand including grout. Tile and grout can be stripped and recoated with todays modern polymer (plastic) finish. Stone floors can be buffed, polished and coated.

House Cleaning
House cleaning can be occasional or regularly scheduled weekly, biweekly and monthly. We recommend natural cleaners as much as possible. We can provide supplies and tools depending on customers preference. We do everything from dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, kitchens, floors, walls and window cleaning. Call to arrange for an estimate!

Wood Floors
Wood floor maintenance recoating is what we do. When your floor has some wear and tear, starting to look a little dull it's time to do recoating-BEFORE the damage gets through the finish. This is a much less expensive way to keep your finish in shape (thereby beautifying and protecting) and quicker, less toxic and dustfree for your home. Most jobs are done the same day, dry within hours (water based 100% polyurethane no odor) and there is NO SANDING. Price is about a third of full refinishes- call for an estimate today! Our finish is a #1 quality product, crystal clear and extremely durable. After 5 years I have seen this finish holding up very well!

"Awesome job cleaning my carpets and furniture! Did it quick and effectively. Left my place is in much better shape than how he found it. I've never seen a carpet cleaned by hand before!"

Richard (Boulder, CO)


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